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We deliver products manufactured by our partners listed below and provide related services - installation, commissioning, personnel training, authorized service, maintenance, calibration, etc. Please visit the full website for detailed descriptions of the products: use the link at the bottom of the page or visit our website using a PC.

Should you be interested in other products not featured on our website, please contact us to discuss availability and other services we could provide.


Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defence to civil security. With operations on every continent, Saab continuously develops, adapts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs. Saab TransponderTech designs and delivers systems for coastal surveillance, port security, vessel management and search and rescue, as well as net centric solutions for ports. Saab equipment is used in VTMIS systems covering the Danube, the Black Sea coast and the Danube - Black Sea Canal. More than 280 Romanian inland ships are equipped with Saab R4 or R5 transponders.

arrow Saab R5 SOLID transponder
arrow Saab R5 SUPREME transponder
arrow Saab R4 AIS transponder
arrow Saab R40 AIS base station
arrow Saab CoastWatch AIS - standalone
arrow Complete VTMIS system
arrow CBRNe transportation equipment
arrow CBRN sampling kits
arrow CBRN detection and warning system

Cold Cut Systems

Cold Cut Systems AB is world-leader in the field of Cutting Extinguishing. At present there are about 1000 Cutting Extinguisher systems installed in everything from small vans to specially built Rescue Services vehicles in more than 30 countries.

arrow Cold Cut Cobra concept
arrow Vehicle integration kits
arrow Standalone frame units
arrow Low pressure Cold Cut MPN
arrow Additive Pump
arrow Accessories: Cold Tap
arrow Accessories: Cutting Frame
arrow Accessories: Pipe Cutter
arrow Cold Cut Cobra naval/marine


Based in Hamburg, SevenCs develops S-57 chart display Kernels for ECDIS, WECDIS and other maritime applications, ENC production and distribution software, and professional maritime navigation software. In addition to the software, SevenCs provides a complete range of complementary services, including training, consultancy, and customer support.

arrow ENC Production Tools
arrow Navigation ECS ORCA G2
arrow Pilot ECS ORCA Pilot G2
arrow Military ECS ORCA Navy


Leader designs and markets fire-fighting, search & rescue equipment and training products. The company supplies rescue and security teams with sturdy and constantly reliable systems to protect and rescue people and property.

arrow PPV fans
arrow PPV large flow fans
arrow PPV battery fans
arrow USAR equipment
arrow Composite nozzles
arrow Foam proportioning
arrow Smoke generators / training
arrow Binocular Thermal Imaging

Emerson Process Mgmt

Combining products from three world leading brands in tank control and management systems, Emerson Process Management's integrated systems open up new possibilities for more uptime, higher productivity and safer, more reliable conditions for all types of ships and offshore units. Damcos, LevelDatic and Rosemount Marine products represent the foremost thinking within the areas of Valve Remote Control, Ballast & Service tank gauging and Cargo Monitoring. Ultrans TM is certified for service and commissioning activities.

arrow Damcos
arrow Rosemount Marine
arrow LevelDatic (SF Control)

Scott Safety

Scott Safety is a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of high performance respiratory protection products, monitoring and sensor equipment and other protective solutions for the fire services, petroleum, chemical, construction, industrial and emergency services including first responders, law enforcement, military and civil defense. Scott Safety acquired ISG Infrasys and extended its thermal imaging business with some of the best products in the world, designed specifically for fire fighters after more than two decades of innovative research and development.

arrow ISG Infrasys X380
arrow Breathing apparatus systems
arrow Gas detection equipment

Marble Automation

Marble Automation, based in the Netherlands, designs and delivers alarm, monitoring and automation systems for any kind of vessel or building. Having started out as a specialist in automation systems for fishing vessels, Marble Automation has grown into a globally renowned and reliable partner in automation for all types of vessels: from tugs and push boats to sailing yachts and luxury motor yachts.

arrow MS-715 marine tachograph
arrow BNWAS alarm system
arrow Other alarm, monitoring systems


The Nupla tools with fibreglass handles are excellent products for fire fighting brigades. These tools offer very high resistance to temperature, never feel cold, are very strong and last “forever”. Some tools are inserted with a plastic honeycomb core, making pike poles, ceiling hooks, etc. much lighter while keeping steel-comparable strength.

arrow Nupla fibreglass tools


Mastex is a Dutch company that supplies a modular software suite for monitoring and control of ship inventory, parts, certificates, crew, consumption, maintenance activities, voyages and any other document, suitable for both maritime and inland vessels. Data is always synchronized between ships and office, and the software can automatically issue purchase orders when stocks are getting low.

arrow MX Suite


Since 1964 Vetter has produced pneumatic rescue equipment and tents for fire services and medical services throughout the world. Special applications include truck and aircraft recovery systems.

arrow Pneumatic lifting bags
arrow Aircraft recovery
arrow Truck recovery


em-trak produces marine radio equipment including cost-effective AIS transponders with a complete range of features. Class A products are certified for maritime and inland use. I100 Identifier is a special product: a Class B compatible AIS transmitter, low cost, fully integrated and portable thanks to its embedded battery that supplies power for up to five days, suitable for even the smallest vessel.

arrow A100 Class A AIS
arrow B100 Class B AIS
arrow I100 Identifier

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